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Welcome to our European Burmese "Silk de Bur" Cattery web-site.

The cattery «Silk de Bur» is officially registered in the World Cat Federation (WCF) as a mono-pedigree cattery which is specialized in the breeding of Burmese cats. Its activity aims on obtaining healthy, beautiful, pedigreed kittens with perfect Burmese nature. We support only traditionally colored Burmese cats breeding. Our cats are Burmese of pure European lines! Burmese cats — luxury, exclusive, grace and charm — it is all about them.

We test our cats for FIV, FeLV and GM2, HK — result is "normal" which means, that the producers themselves as well as all their descendants are not carrying the disease mentioned above and they can be used in breeding. We treat all of our kittens for parasitic worms, and vaccinate them. At three months of age, each of our kittens will receive his or her first vaccination for rabies. Hormonal preparations are never applied. Our mission — to grow up healthy cats with excellent character.

Our cats are surrounded with love and care, because they are members of our family. We do not keep our cats in cages, they have a lot of free space.

"Silk de Bur" is a closed type cattery and located on the coast of Baltic sea in Riga, the capital of Latvia.